The World Bench Project

The World Bench Project

About This Project

The World Bench Project is a web-based worldwide photo project which aims to celebrate the humble bench by featuring photographs and stories generated by the site’s community. It encourages engagement; visitors can upload their own images and view, vote and comment on photographs already on the site.

No matter where in the world you are, you can usually find a bench where you can rest up and let the world go by.  It is a symbol which unites us all and hopefully The World Bench Project shows that we are all connected, surrounded by stories and have a need to share.  Do you have a photograph of a bench?  It could be a special bench near to where you live or maybe it is from a place you have visited.  Your photo could just be a fab image or feature an odd-looking bench.  Perhaps it shows somewhere you once sat and enjoyed an amazing view or the people on the bench in the photo might mean something to you. The idea of this project is to share any photos you have and write a few words to describe the story behind the image.

The World Bench Project is the brainchild of UK-based photographer Gill Moore. The original inspiration came from her own photography project “The Chorlton Bench Project” exhibited at the Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester, UK.

Gill explains:

The tremendous response and feedback I got when I shot and exhibited “The Chorlton Bench Project” gave me the idea that maybe I could take things global. People just had an immediate connection with the work.  The bench is something everyone can identify with. The project is a bit of fun, but also a great tool for comparison.  I’d love it if people enjoy mooching around the site, find they learn a bit too and then want to upload their own bench photo.

When working on a personal project I always try to use my photography in a positive way, it’s something I believe strongly in. The scary bit is realising that the project will only work if enough people believe in the motive and take part. It would be fantastic to feature a bench from every country in the world, I guess that’s a little goal I’ve set myself.  Apparently there are 193 sovereign states in the World, according to the United Nations and Wikipedia (Jan 2013), so it will be a tough assignment!

With Thanks

This website was created and delivered by Gill Moore Photography. Many thanks to  OH Digital, a Manchester-based web design company providing digital agency services and web development, for their help in bringinging The World Bench Project to life.